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The Sourdough Fiasco

Publication Date: January 2014 | Ages 5-10 | Grade Level: K-5

The Sourdough Fiasco was inspired as a means to “pay it forward” and provide ongoing support for orphans and children in need. Vibrantly colored illustrations accompany this dynamic blend of tongue-twisting humor, adventure, and drama.

Tyler Fredrick Porter will have to overcome a runaway bike, a
pack of dogs, rising flood waters and mischievous birds if he hopes to keep his promise and make his delivery against all odds.


“With bread held high, up to the sky,
he headed on his way
right through the rain to Mrs. Payne
this drizzly, dismal day.

And though he hadn’t traveled far
he was a happy chap
that is until a groggy dog…

           …awakened from his nap”


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What people are saying

“The Sourdough Fiasco is a witty tale of a boy who will not let anything stop him from keeping his promise to deliver a loaf of sourdough bread to a bakery customer - not dog packs on the chase, flooded streets, or marauding pigeons. It's Horton the Elephant meets a BMX bike rider in ...

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