Haven of Hope

Providing a Save Haven

Too many children in the Phillippines are caught in a cycle of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, overpopulation, poor health and sanitation.  Subjected to violence and ongoing conflict that will leave them orphaned and targets of prostitution and addictions, those who make it will grow up without proper education to become jobless and destitute, completing the full cycle of poverty.” 

Working among these oppressed people groups, Haven of Hope (HOH) desires to break the cycle of poverty in the villages by giving these orphans a chance to live happy, normal lives, and to grow up to become God-loving and useful citizens of society. 

2Fish is dedicated to sponsoring HOH’s ongoing operations, thus changing the lives of the orphaned, neglected, and abandoned in Southern Phillippines, and providing the children with a permanent home where they can grow and mature in faith and become useful and productive citizens.     

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"It is estimated that there are 1.5 million street children in the Phillippines working as pickpockets, beggars, drug traffickers, and prostitutes .