“Mexico does not have a foster care system to support the neglected, abused, or abandoned children in need.  The only way to support the thousands of vulnerable, underprivileged, often homeless, street children is through a network of underfunded private orphanages.”



CorazÓn De Vida Foundation

Loving Our Neighbors

Corazón De Vida Foundation (CDV) is committed to end the cycle of child homelessness…believing that moving children from streets to safe housing, improving current orphanage conditions and quality of life, and focusing on education will ensure a promising future for Mexico’s orphans. 
2Fish is partnering with CDV to help feed, clothe, shelter, and educate over 750 children each day.  2Fish is concentrating on the most needy of the 14 orphanages supported by CDV, including Hogar Sion, Ebenexer, El Faro 1, and La Roca. 

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